Julie Prichard
Julie Prichard

Thank you for your interest in taking an online workshop. Please note the following before making your purchase. Classes will not be refunded after you have completed checkout.



Upon completion of your transaction, you will receive an email containing links to your digital download. This information will contain a link to the class blog which houses your video content. The login info will be emailed to the email address you have specified during checkout. Print and file this email immediately. It is the responsibility of all students to maintain their login info. You will be asked for the login info every time you log in to view video or read written content. There will be a $18 service charge if you loose your login info.


Technical Requirements

A high-speed internet connection is required. Basic computer knowledge is also required. Your class will be hosted on a blog, so if you can read this page, you will be able to review your class lessons. Each member is expected to know how to photograph and upload pictures of their artwork into the private community for sharing if applicable. Class discussions and feedback will be provided within the private Facebook community only. A Facebook account will be needed if you would like instructor feedback. A link to the facebook group will be provided to all students once they purchase their class.


Video Downloads

Video downloads are NOT available. DVD's are NOT available. Your class will be hosted here online. Please make sure that you are able to view the promotional videos before you sign up. Sometimes ISP providers, IT departments (for example- your workplace) and hardware issues prevent customers from watching videos. While there is no problem with our videos, all students need to be able to trouble shoot their own technical issues on their end. You should be able to watch a video upwards of 20 minutes in length without interruption to be able to complete class.


About Class

You will be given written and video content that is copyright Julie Prichard and/or Chris Cozen. Unauthorized distribution of this content is prohibited and may result in your access being revoked from class.  Your ISP address will be recorded. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PASSWORD.

Soliciting instructor feedback, community building and jibber jabber is optional, but always available to all members. You will be given access to a private Facebook community where you can post images of completed class work and or questions for instructor feedback within 24 hours. (24 hour feedback excludes some US Holidays.)

Downloading and retaining all class handouts (PDFs) is the sole responsibility of each student. Students who need this information resent to them at any time during class will incur an $18 service fee. Effective 12.10.14, students will be required to download written materials within 24 hours of class registration.


We are a very friendly, positive group. Know that you will receive constructive feedback if you ask for it.  


Please use the BACK button on your browser to return to the purchasing page. See you in class!