Teach Art to Your Children v 2.4

These paintings came out so cute...and grown up! Yesterday we finished working on the "pop art" renditions of Robert Indiana's famous LOVE sculpture. To re-cap what we started last week, click here.

Our art lessons are just under an hour each. The children start to lose focus after an hour, so for more complex projects, we have to break them into sessions. We learned some more building blocks of art..

If you think that these lessons are not important to your child's creative growth, think again: We've learned masking, applying colors with professional paint, color mixing, how to use an angled paint brush...all the while looking at pictures of Pop Art and talking about the art movement- in 2 short lessons! One of the girls even remembered Robert Indiana's name from the week before. A proud moment.

The children may not be pros with the supplies and the techniques we've learned at this stage. But the seed has been planted. Art is exciting, and I bet they are looking at letters and painting in a new way today.

See you next week...go paint with your child!


PS- next week we're going to make some fancy Valentine's...we hope to see you then!