Teach Art to Your Children v 2.6

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Girls are coming to art class now asking me about supplies and listening to my every word and watching each demonstration intently..it's very exciting! This week, focus not only on the technical aspects of the lesson, but the delivery..here's what happened:

My plan was to teach the students how to make watercolor skins which we will cut out next week (once they dry) and affix to an underwater seascape that we painted yesterday. The skin process is a little complicated, in fact, my partner and I teach it to adults in our online workshop series, but I simplified the process for the 6 year olds and they were eager participants.

We swirled and mixed artist grade acrylics onto a non-porous surface. I will cover that mixture with medium once it is dry, and when THAT dries, we will have a plastic "skin" to work with.. the students will cut the skin into fish shapes.

Today we paintined the seascapes. Instead of looking up fancy seascapes online to show them, I grabbed a Disney "Arial" book and low and behold, underwater seascapes. The students painted seaweed floating in the current, learned perspective and blended beautiful underwater backgrounds.

Get those books out- Spiderman, Princesses...whatever.. study the illustrations with your child and help them understand why some items are smaller (because they are far away) and some are larger (in the foreground). Also notice the colors. Plants are not only "Green"..they have many shades of green and probably some blue and brown. Your kids will eat this up when they notice it in their story books!

So you don't want to take time to make skins...that's ok. The lesson will be in the painting. They can easily embellish their paintings with stickers. Don't have fancy paints? That's ok too! Pick up a set of student grade acrylics at the craft store (use a coupon). They are better than craft paint.

Try it! I'd love to hear from you..let me know what you are creating with your kids.