Teach Art to Your Children v 2.3

I never took art history class in college or high school because my photography credits satisfied that category.. I think that is why I enjoy these art lessons with my now 6 year old so much; I get to learn too.

I'm continuing on with my weekly series on teaching art to children. Hooray! You can read the rest of the series by clicking here. You do not have to be an artist to teach art.. The series will spark your imagination so that you can sit down with your children (at any age) and talk to them..create with them; most of all...have fun with them! They look up to you. They are not going to judge your creative talents.

This week I spoke about "Pop Art". We printed out some examples of pop art and talked about the reasons each piece of art fit the "pop" category. The project we started will be a recreation of Robert Indiana's famous L O V E sculpture. My daughter and her friend learned how to mask off areas of the canvas and how to apply paint to each section. Next week we will trace in the letters and we will have a great piece to hang on our wall! Let your kids pick the colors and you supervise the mixing and masking. We used painters tape to block the areas to make the sharp, clean lines of paint. Not confident in your free-hand lettering skills? Print out the letters on your computer and use a copier to enlarge them to the size of your canvas. Easy.. and a project your children will remember.