Teach Art to Your Children v 1.6

Friday means  Mixed Media Lessons for Children! Today's lesson focused around Henry Matisse, specifically his collage period. Although my daughter is handy with collage at this point in her artistic career, it is usually mixed with glitter, pom poms or pen. Today we studied images off of the internet and noticed how Matisse assembled each of his paper masterpieces- only using paper.

The lesson did not end there. Along with learning about Henry Matisse, I also taught my daughter about scale and cutting curved lines with scissors. Since she is working in a 5.5x8" Strathmore Visual Journal, I explained to her what size of cut paper would be appropriate for each work. She selected construction paper for the base of each collage and then went about cutting out shapes and gluing them to the paper. I encouraged her and let her know that you can tell any story you like only using paper.

This was a great lesson...and very simple to execute. Kate loved making the paper collages....she also marveled at how abstract Matisse cut his paper.

Remember the tiles we made last week? Look! The paint hardened to a wonderful, glossy surface! We cut small felt squares and used a glue gun to affix the felt under each tile. Instant teacher's gift!

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great weekend.

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